Healthcare clinics choose SpeechMotion to reduce IT costs, increase documentation quality, and improve physician EMR adoption.
SpeechMotion’s comprehensive product and service solution gives physicians multiple options so they can select the best documentation method for each unique patient encounter. This allows healthcare clinics to finely tune their workflow and take smart advantage of front-end speech recognition, all while reducing documentation costs.


IT Directors value interoperable solutions that can provide a seamless integration across multiple locations.
As a robust, flexible and cloud-based solution, IT Directors choose SpeechMotion because we make transparency and interoperability simple. We easily integrate with other systems, including EMRs and document storage. Documents flow effortlessly through multiple channels and locations, so they are always available when and where you need them. Being cloud-based, configuration and user options are accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. And since there’s no expensive hardware to maintain, there are no added overhead expenses.


Administration needs a partner that provides timely and dedicated service.
Without the right support, technology implementations fail. That’s why each SpeechMotion implementation, whether in-house with the SpeechMotion Enterprise Client, outsourced with SpeechMotion Transcription Services or front-end with SpeechMotion EMRDirect, receives the same level of dedicated attention and service. You can achieve a faster and greater return on investment with a timely and sound implementation.


Physicians want a workable solution so they can concentrate on patients.
As more offices implement EMRs, physicians are finding themselves tied down to a workstation fumbling with a keyboard rather than being engaged with their patients.
With SpeechMotion, physicians can choose to document their patient encounters by dictating anywhere, including home, the office, even on-the-go. Or, physicians can use our front-end speech recognition solution to quickly complete a patient record with their voice instead of their fingers. Having options like these give physicians better control over their own schedule, freeing them to see more patients every day, devoting more time to unique cases, or even getting home early for a special event with their family.


Clinics need solutions like SpeechMotion because we deliver an immediate return in investment and improvements to physician productivity. Click here for more information on how SpeechMotion can improve your unique documentation needs!