MTSOs choose SpeechMotion to improve customer service, profitability and results.
Partnering with SpeechMotion gives medical transcription service organizations a leading edge in the highly competitive healthcare industry. Quick and easy to setup, with flexible workflow and distribution options, SpeechMotion enables MTSOs to quickly and effectively deliver a high quality product and service, all while reducing costs and improving profit margins.


Improve profit margins with our simple to use, pay-as-you-go platform, SpeechMotion Enterprise 5.
HIM directors and transcription managers designed SpeechMotion Enterprise 5 for large-scale dictation management. Easy to train and deploy to remote users, SpeechMotion reduces internal overhead, training and support costs. New and existing transcription accounts are easy to configure and manage thanks to SpeechMotion’s customization tools, so you can begin taking advantage of SpeechMotion Enterprise 5 almost immediately. And with our simple line rate based on usage, there are never any surprises or unexpected costs to allocate into an operating budget.


MTSOs acquire an experienced team of experts when choosing to partner with SpeechMotion.
Our SpeechMotion management team includes former transcription managers and HIM directors, as well as experts in speech recognition, HL7, voice capture and data security. SpeechMotion partners lean on our expertise to help drive new business successes and improve existing ones. We succeed when our partners succeed, so our team of experts are always available for consultations, support and implementation assistance.


Provide customers new opportunities with SpeechMotion’s voice recognition solutions.
As more healthcare practices adopt EMRs, physicians are turning to front-end speech recognition solutions to simplify documentation within their EMR. As a SpeechMotion partner, MTSOs can offer customers EMRDirect, our cloud-based voice recognition solution. Train your customers’ recognition profiles with our back-end solution, and then release the front-end profiles for voice recognition anywhere they can use a keyboard. Our subscription-based pricing requires no capital investment – and subscriptions can be canceled at any time. MTSOs choose to partner with SpeechMotion to not only create new efficiencies with SpeechMotion Enterprise 5, but to provide a more complete product and service offering with SpeechMotion EMRDirect. Our competitive line rates are helping MTSOs across the globe improve profitability and margins, all while enhancing customer service, reducing turnaround times, and creating a better working environment. Click here to set up your free demo today!