Hospitals across the country have selected SpeechMotion to save money, reduce turnaround times, and improve their clinical documentation workflows.
Whether you are looking for competitive outsource transcription, front-end speech recognition or an in-house software solution, SpeechMotion provides the options and resources for a total and complete solution under one service and product umbrella.


HIM Directors want a streamlined and integrated workflow that produces high quality documents on time and under budget.
HIM Directors trust our high quality US-based transcription, knowing the documentation we return to them is accurate and complete. Hospitals using our technology in-house benefit from the support of a team dedicated to ensuring the efficient implementation of SpeechMotion, including back-end speech recognition training, mentoring and support.


CFOs appreciate a budget independent investment that won’t jeopardize projects, this year or next.
Since the cost of working with SpeechMotion is entirely based on usage, there are never any unexpected or unallocated costs to squeeze into a budget. Plus, SpeechMotion has minimal hardware requirements, avoiding costly computer upgrades. There are no yearly fees with SpeechMotion, so there are no maintenance, support or upgrade costs to fit into this year’s, or any future, budget. You only pay for utilization, a straightforward and simple cost to measure and track, making SpeechMotion very budget friendly.


Doctors need solutions that support and encourage their mobility, not hinder it.
Today’s physician needs real-time solutions that keep up without slowing him down. With SpeechMotion, physicians can dictate on the go with their iPhone, iPad or smartphone or take advantage of our front-end speech recognition from any laptop or workstation. To review and sign documents, physicians can log into SpeechMotion’s online review portal. SpeechMotion is available anywhere, allowing your physicians to concentrate on what they do best – take care of patients.


Patients need solutions like SpeechMotion to ensure complete and comprehensive documentation of each of their unique stories.
As EMRs become more and more prevalent, healthcare leaders are lamenting the loss of the narrative of the patient’s story. With solutions like ours, hospitals can cost-effectively maintain dictation as an option for direct input into their EMR. Documentation completed in SpeechMotion can be segmented and returned to the correct locations within the EMR, without the physician needing to dictate multiple reports.


Hospitals select SpeechMotion to ensure timely, cost-effective documentation of patient encounters now – and in the future. Contact us us today to learn how SpeechMotion can help your hospital reduce costs, while improving clinical efficiencies and documentation quality.