Your clinical documentation workflow should be transparent, streamlined and efficient.
SpeechMotion prides itself on its dedication to service and quality. Our implementation design teams consult with new customers to better understand their unique working environment, often uncovering unexpected cost-savings or developing new solutions that improve turnaround times and streamline workflows. Our goal is to plug-in – but at the same time, improve – with as minimal disruption as possible.


Flexible choices give SpeechMotion users the freedom to manage their own workflow – their way.
As a cloud-based solution, SpeechMotion is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Users can access various modules for voice management, report archive, distribution and administration, so your personalized workflow is right at your fingertips. Keep on top of your documentation anywhere, any time.


Facilities selecting to implement SpeechMotion EMRDirect, our front-end voice recognition solution, give their physicians the choice to create their own documentation workflow. Physicians can choose to document with their voice directly within a patient’s electronic medical record or route dictation for back-end transcription. Flexible choices like these give your physicians the ability to choose the right documentation method for every unique patient encounter.


Transcribe with a solution designed for the timely creation, management and distribution of documentation.
As more healthcare facilities are implementing EMR and document storage systems, they are attempting to transcribe and create documentation within those systems. Users complain about the lack of support and usability for transcription within these systems, so they turn to SpeechMotion. Working in parallel with their EMR, we give users the flexibility and support they need to transcribe dictation quickly and efficiently.


With SpeechMotion, documents are where they should be, when they should be, with no backlog or delay.
SpeechMotion’s customized workflow routing, back-end speech recognition and automated distribution enables facilities to receive documents faster without constant management, freeing staff to concentrate on other important tasks, like billing and scheduling. An interoperable solution, SpeechMotion seamlessly integrates with your EMR and document storage systems, making documents available instantly throughout your organization.


You can have the clinical workflow you deserve. Documentation does not need to be difficult or so time consuming. Nor does a better clinical solution need to cost you thousands. Contact us today to learn more.