SpeechMotion believes in honesty and transparency. That’s why we never hide or add on fees.
Many competitive software vendors charge for support, training and maintenance, items necessary for day-to-day operations. These fees quickly accumulate to many thousands of unnecessarily spent dollars every year, constraining budgets and jeopardizing other projects. At SpeechMotion, we never charge for maintenance, training or upgrades. There are no hidden fees – just an honest and transparent fee per line.


Our transcription service rates are the same. SpeechMotion Transcription Services also charge a simple and competitive per-line rate, with no add-ons for additional services, like STATs or special distribution requests.


A friendly, budget independent solution and service that is the right choice for any size organization.
Capital and operating expenses must be allocated for in a yearly budget, moving money away from other important projects or investments, like new equipment, more nurses or facility expansion. With healthcare budgets becoming more and more constrained, it can be difficult to approve a new documentation solution investment that will require thousands in upfront and ongoing operating costs. Whether you choose to type in-house or outsource with SpeechMotion, your costs are easy to follow, because they are based completely on your utilization.


Modern healthcare facilities need people behind the solutions they select to work closely with them in a committed and ongoing partnership to guarantee a timely return on investment.
Healthcare facilities implementing new technology solutions need more than just technical support – they need guidance and expertise they trust. Customers select SpeechMotion because of our service and integrity. We treat every customer the same, regardless of size or location, and make the same promise to everyone – reduce costs, maximize efficiencies and enhance patient care.


Let us create a personalized return on investment for you, and show you how we can begin to reduce your documentation costs and overhead almost immediately. Contact us today to learn more.