High Quality US-Based Transcription Services

For customers needing full outsourcing or overflow assistance, SpeechMotion provides timely, high quality US-based transcription services. We employ over 300 US-based transcriptionists, with a minimum of 3 years of medical language experience.  Our transcription customers enjoy a 99% quality rating and 98.8% on-time delivery of documentation.


All of our transcription professionals are legal US residents, with no work performed outside of the United States.  Our clients encompass all areas of health information, including Medical Records, Radiology, Emergency Medicine, other medical specialties and outpatient clinics.


Our Personalized Level of Service Makes Us Better
SpeechMotion offers personalized service through a core team of skilled and highly trained transcriptionists and supervisors, as well as a technical staff experienced in dictation and transcription system development and maintenance.


Our implementation design team works with every new customer to understand what makes their working environment unique, so we can provide the personalized level of service that differentiates us from our competitors.


Full Transparency for Efficient Communication
SpeechMotion Transcription customers appreciate the ability to quickly monitor and access information. Customers can access modules for general account maintenance, statistical reporting, voice management, and document archival using SpeechMotion’s online console. Data is stored securely ‘in the cloud,’ making information accessible from anywhere, whether the hospital, clinic, or even from home.


Customers Select Us for our Service and Integrity
Service and support go above and beyond answering a telephone or e-mail. Modern healthcare facilities need people behind the solutions they select to work closely with them in a committed and ongoing partnership. We treat every customer the same, regardless of size or location, and make the same promise to everyone – high quality, fast turnaround and a dedication to the improvement of patient care.