Solve Problems with SpeechMotion
Healthcare providers and managers rely on services and solutions to consistently deliver high quality products on time and under budget. Working in a rapid paced world with evolving demands and constant change, they do not have time for solutions that fail to deliver or to wait on hold for a support technician. They need easy-to-use solutions that solve problems, not cause them.


Solving Problems Frees You to Concentrate on Patients
SpeechMotion customers select us to solve their problems so they can concentrate on patients. As a cloud solution, SpeechMotion is easy-to-use and deploy, minimizing IT overhead and eliminating on-site support. Information is centralized and accessible from anywhere, so documents are where they need to be when they need to be.


Facilities across the country are solving problems with SpeechMotion, including:

  • Hospitals:
  • Clinics:
  • MTSOs:


A Solution Designed to Solve Problems Today – and Tomorrow
As healthcare and documentation requirements continue to evolve and change, SpeechMotion makes it easy for facilities to keep pace with flexible options that require no custom programming. Configuration changes, upgrades and software updates are deployed through the cloud, so new solutions are in place instantly. Choose SpeechMotion to permanently solve your documentation challenges.