SpeechMotion EMRDirect gives physicians their freedom.
With SpeechMotion EMRDirect, physicians can travel from the hospital, the clinic, and even to home, with the flexibility to use their front-end speech recognition anywhere. Just a simple install and your physicians are ready to take advantage of SpeechMotion’s advanced speech recognition technology.


Our cloud-based solution provides the flexibility to log into any computer or laptop and begin dictating immediately.
Updates and configuration changes are stored in the cloud and downloaded at login, so if you make configuration changes at the hospital or office, like adding a new word to your personal dictionary, those changes will be waiting when you log in at home.


Customized voice commands ensure physician adoption and productivity improvements.
SpeechMotion can implement a customized solution for your facility, providing user-defined voice commands that automatically interact with your EMR. With just your voice, you can automatically open the next patient record, save changes, open a medication list, or navigate through a patient’s history. Rather than boxing your physicians into a pre-defined list of options, we can customize a solution tailored to your organization’s unique goals.


Take immediate advantage of fully trained front-end voice profiles.
The unique voice recognition profile created with our back-end speech engine is accessible via our front-end solution, eliminating the need for your physicians to train the system. Instead, the back-end editing performed by medical transcriptionists trains and fine-tunes EMRDirect so your physicians can begin dictating immediately with unsurpassed recognition results.


SpeechMotion EMRDirect is a simple monthly subscription fee that can be canceled at any time.
Subscriptions to SpeechMotion EMRDirect run month-to-month, so subscriptions are simple to add or eliminate, as needed. All subscriptions include regular maintenance, upgrades and unlimited user support. There are no restrictions on use.


With no upfront or yearly costs, just a simple subscription fee that can be canceled at any time, SpeechMotion EMRDirect is the affordable speech recognition solution.