SpeechMotion is customizable, reliable and budget friendly.
SpeechMotion Enterprise 5 is a state-of-the-art product suite encompassing voice capture, speech recognition, automatic distribution and e-signature applications for healthcare documentation. Designed to handle high volumes and complex workflows that will give any size organization the efficiency and productivity gains required to compete in today’s competitive healthcare environment, SpeechMotion Enterprise 5 is the right choice for modern healthcare facilities.


Residing ‘in the cloud,’ SpeechMotion is accessible anywhere.
In today’s world, access to information is imperative for efficient and timely management. The ability to quickly monitor and access information was a key focal point in the design of SpeechMotion Enterprise 5. Users may access SpeechMotion Enterprise 5 via a client application, installed locally, or via our web-portal, making SpeechMotion accessible from anywhere.


Fully compliant with HIPAA/PIPEDA requirements, for security and confidentiality you can trust.
Patient confidentiality is a critical aspect of healthcare data management. SpeechMotion Enterprise 5 provides encryption for all incoming and outgoing data, fully in line with HIPAA/PIPEDA requirements. We regularly review all systems for security compliance and strive to exceed expectations.


Within the platform, data and patient data is kept secure through user-defined restricted privileges.  All records are encrypted and are protected from unauthorized access via secure, embedded login credentials.


SpeechMotion has successfully integrated with all leading EMRs, including McKesson, Cerner, Epic, Meditech and Allscripts.
HIM and Transcription Managers originally designed SpeechMotion Enterprise 5 for flexibility and cost-effective customization, allowing the platform to easily adapt to any environment for transparent integration and full interoperability. SpeechMotion is point and click customizable to your organization’s unique requirements, minimizing the need for change on the part of your users, which improves adoption rates and streamlines implementation.


Web-based e-signature application for doctors on the go.
SpeechMotion Enterprise 5 offers a flexible, web-based e-signature option for customers who wish to electronically sign documents within SpeechMotion. Physicians may sign on to SpeechMotion’s secure web-portal from anywhere they have an internet connection, even home, to access and review documents awaiting signature.


Flexible speech recognition requiring no physician training or change in dictation habits.
SpeechMotion Enterprise 5 offers an unprecedented unified back-end and front-end speech recognition technology. Voice profiles are trained using traditional transcription, eliminating the need for your physicians to train the engine. Flexible workflow and filtering options allow you to select the physicians and worktypes that will be processed through speech recognition, giving you complete control over utilization.


With hundreds of deployments and thousands of users, SpeechMotion Enterprise 5 has proven to be the reliable and technically advanced choice for a customized and personalized medical documentation solution.