SpeechMotion makes EMRs less frustrating, improving Meaningful Use compliance and physician adoption.
Implementing SpeechMotion to compliment your EMR gives your physicians choices to fit their preferred document creation method. They can choose to document a patient encounter via the comfort of traditional dictation, either an entire record or just a part of one. Using his smartphone to dictate, your transcriptionists or ours transcribe the dictation, after which it is returned to your EMR for automated placement into the right part of the record. The entire process, from dictation to delivery, can take just minutes.


Dictation of narrative can automatically populate your EMR, ensuring complete documentation of every patient encounter.
Instead of relying on his fingers to manually input narrative into your EMR, your physician can use his voice, for faster, more efficient documentation, ensuring comprehensive and accurate narrative. This guarantees a complete record for billing and coding purposes, an important consideration with the forthcoming adoption of ICD-10.


Use our front-end speech recognition solution to document a patient encounter in real-time.
Instead of traditional dictation, physicians can select EMRDirect for front-end speech recognition within their EMR. Using their voice instead of their fingers, doctors can document the patient encounter without being slowed down by a clunky keyboard or drop-down menus. It is up to your physician, and the complexity of the patient encounter, to determine whether your physician types, dictates or uses front-end speech recognition to complete a note in your EMR. Whichever he prefers, your physician has all the options with SpeechMotion.


Physicians want to work with SpeechMotion because we give them the freedom to do what they do best – take care of patients.
Physicians frustrated with their EMR may appreciate a solution like SpeechMotion because it provides them the option to type, dictate, or both, making EMRs far less intrusive and time-consuming. Physicians don’t want to be bogged down typing into a tedious EMR. They want technology solutions flexible enough to adapt on the fly to their ever-changing environment. Your physicians want a solution like SpeechMotion.


When your physicians have an alternative to typing and drop-down menus, they are more likely to work with your EMR of choice. Having dictation alternatives can make the process of EMR adoption easier, allowing your facility to demonstrate Meaningful Use compliance without upsetting your physician’s working environment. Contact your local SpeechMotion representative today to learn more.